Services Pricing List



Essential Facial: This facial is fully customized to meet your skin’s specific needs and goals. We will carefully select products and modalities to address acne, fine lines/wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and melasma.


SkinPen Microneedling

face, neck decolletage or body

1 Treatment Area $300

Additional Area $100

Prp / Exosomes + $250/session

Light Tastes

Laser Hair Removal

Small Area $200
Medium Area $300
Large Area $450

Low Fat Options

Localized Fat Removal


IV Hydration Therapy

Each IV Hydration Cocktail Starts With A Refreshing Base Of Normal Saline For Electrolyte Replenishment And To Promote Optimal Hydration.

House Cocktails

500ml $150 | +Additional 500ml $50

Immune Defense

Boost Immune System, Feel Better Faster

Get Up & Go
Burn Fat, Feel Energized, Boost Your Metabolism

Specialty Cocktails

500ml $200 | +Additional 500ml $50

Myers’ Cocktail

The Gold Standard For Iv Hydration Vitamins & Minerals

Hydrate And Combat Hangover Symptoms

B12/lipo-b (Skinny) Shots

May Help With Energy Levels And Promote Weight Loss

$25 Each

Package Of 6: $100


When you are ready for something more filling, choose from our selection of HA products


Ultra XC | Ultra+ | Voluma | Vobella | Vellure


Refyne | Defyne | Contour | Lyft | Restylane-L

1 SYRINGE  $700
2 SYRINGES  $1,250
3 SYRINGES  $1,750
4+ SYRINGES?  please ask

Treatment Areas

Lips | Chin | Hands | Jawline | Cheeks Temple | Under eye | Smile lines | Nasolabial folds | Marionette lines

Frozen Treats / Botulism Toxin A

Medications are created utilizing the remarkable botulism toxin A. Delivered in the quantity, the locations, and using the product of your choice.

Botox ($12/U)/Jeuveau($12/U)/Dysport($4/U)

Treatment Areas

Glabella decrease the 11’s between your eyes, smooth lower forehead  10-20 units

Forehead smooth those lines across your forehead  10-30 units

Crows Feet smile lines around eyes, that do not make you smile  4-24 units

Masseters smooth and tighten the appearance for your jawline  20-50 units

Lip Flip smooth the vertical lines around the mouth 4-8 units

*other areas/dosages can be discussed (i.e. bunny lines, gummy smile, platysma bands, four-point facelift)

Signature Combo’s

Hand-selected complementary treatments that have compounding results. Combos are available with a single payment and may be used at separate visits.

The 20’s Combo (just a taste of prevention)  $900 | ($1090 value)
1 facial | 20 tox units | 1 filler syringe

The 30’s Combo (prevention & maintenance) $1,200 | ($1,510 value)
1 facial | 30 tox units | 1 filler syringe | 1 area microneedling session

The 40’s Combo (savor youth) $1,750 | ($2,280 value)
1 facial | 40 toxin units | 2 filler syringes | 1 face microneedling session | 10 B12 / LipoB shots

Who’s Counting? (look the age you feel)  market price
1 facial | 1 bIVerage | 50 toxin units | 3 filler syringes | 3 face microneedling sessions | 12 B12/LipoB

MDA Membership

Each month get your choice of 1:
Essential Facial; House Cocktail; $150 off Laser Hair Removal; or 12 Units of DB&J (Dysport, Botox or Jeuveau) and 10% off all regularly priced services.